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So yeah, I'm wicked pissed right now. A week or so ago I found out that Busdriver was here in indy no less than a month ago. This sucks, but I shrugged it off, "whatever, he's coming right back to Chicago with Cocorosie, I can catch him there." Yeah, well I just found out moments ago that the tour was canceled on account of Cocorosie being arrested. Word on the street is that Cocorosie's band didn't have work permits to get into the US.

I sure hope that day's worth of paperwork you saved was worth it Coco.

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I jousted at college today. I won 2/3 matches, that last guy was out for blood. Then I had a slurpee, and proceeded to try and give myself a brain-freeze. I failed miserably.

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Wow, threadless just finished a Big Buck hunter contest. Threadless is officially dead.

Though I kinda want to buy the new skull shirt, just because I love skulls... But the concept is so tragically lame... Why do they taunt me?

Happy V-day

So school's been canceled for the second day straight. It's pretty awesome. It'd be more awesome if I didn't have papers to write and/or a missus to chill with today, but eh, I'll take what I can get.


Green tea in hand whilst playing Civ 4. Afterwords I'll make pie, then try my hand at making a hat.

This is what life is all about.

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I just learned through the eternal glory that is Wikipedia that "Meat Loaf" Aday is not only going to have a part in Jack Black's new film, but he's also providing vocals to the soundtrack.

Why do you do this to yourself, Meat Loaf? Why do you do this to me?